Mister Sparky® electricians can help protect your home from electric surges and prevent costly and destructive power surges. A power surge occurs when the line voltage goes higher than it is rated for and stays there longer than ten milliseconds. Power surges can be a result of equipment deterioration, storms, lightening, brown outs even collision of vehicle with a utility pole.

In today's high-tech world, computerized appliances and electronics can be damaged or destroyed by surges in electrical lines. This is why surge protection is so important. 

The Need for Surge Protection

You might have plug-in surge protectors on some of your electronics, but you probably don’t have them for appliances with electronic circuit boards. Those electronics are vulnerable to power surges generated by lightning strikes or surges in your power grid connection.

Most newer appliances, cable boxes, exercise machines are all at risk. And it’s not just lightning. Damaging power surges on the grid are common even when there isn’t lightning around. It doesn’t take much of a power surge to wipe out delicate electronics. It often costs as much to replace a circuit board as it does to buy a new device.

It's important to protect your appliances and equipment with either a point-of-use surge protector or a whole-house surge protector. Those who live in rural areas are particularly vulnerable, especially if you live near the end of the power line. There’s nowhere else for the surge to go but into your house.

Call our experienced Mister Sparky electricians to go over all of your options with you and evaluate your needs.

Point-of-Use Surge Protection

Point-of-use surge protectors are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and major appliances in the home at their electric source. Point of use suppressors are usually devices that plug into the wall outlet and can handle surges up to 6,000 volts. Electrical repairs & upgrades are not a DIY endeavor.

Whole-House Surge Protector

A whole-house surge protector is designed to protect your home again transient surges that enter through the home's electric supply, but does not protect from surges created internally in the home when motors turn on and off. Whole home protectors are devices that are installed at the meter or electrical panel. These devices require the installation by a licensed electrical contractor. Electrical repairs & upgrades are not a DIY endeavor.

Services vary by location. Call for details.

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